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2016/07/01 – REDUCED FEES

We decided to reduce our fees.

Our fee to do a firearm license application with motivation is now reduced to R 750.00.
Our fees include the preparation of all documents for firearm license applications as required by the SAPS  (including the application forms for competency and license with attachments as well as the motivation).

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If you are late with the renewal of your license you should contact us urgently to discuss the available options.

Please note any application handed in later than 90 days before the expiry date of the license is a late application.

In terms of Section 24 of the Firearms Control Act (No 60 of 2000) an application for the renewal of a license must be made to the Registrar (by handing in such application at your local DFO) “at least 90 days before the date of expiry of the license”

For quite some time many DFO’s accepted late applications and new licenses were issued for such firearms.

However a new instruction was recently issued by the SAPS Head Office that licenses for which late applications for renewals are received late should be dealt with as prescribed in Section 28 of the Act.

Section 28 prescribes that a firearm license terminates at the expiry date ((Section 28 (1)) and that the Registrar may cancel such license (Section 28 (2)) if the holder of the license did not comply with any provision of the Act. Section 28 (3) requires the holder of the license to be given a notice that he/she may within 30 days submit representations why the license should not be cancelled. The Registrar must then consider such representation and either issue a renewal license or refuse the renewal of the license and direct the owner that the firearm must be disposed of in a prescribed manner.

The owner then has 60 days within which the firearm must be disposed of in the way prescribed by the Registrar. If such disposal is not done the firearm must be forfeited to the State and the owner must surrender it as prescribed (Section 28 (5)).

According to the new SAPS instruction the DFO have to do the following when receiving late applications.

Complete the Form SAPS 533 (Request to Cancel a Firearm License)
Hand to the owner or license holder the notice to inform him/her that he/she may in writing provide representation within 30 days why the license should not be cancelled
Complete SAP 86 (a) (The SAPS Check list to be completed with an application)
Submit the completed documentation to the Provincial Office

Some license holders think that if they still have their old green licenses, these are still valid and there is no need to renew the new (white card) licenses. This is incorrect. If you renewed your licenses and were issued with the white card licenses, the old green licenses lapsed and are not valid any longer.


2015/02/14 – Import notice regarding the Renewal of Firearm Licenses

Please note that competency certificates and firearm licenses issued under the Firearm Control Act 60 of 2000 need to be renewed.

Licenses issued for self defence expires after 5 years and licenses issued for hunting or sport shooting expires after 10 years.

Competency certificates need to be renewed at the same date as the license for which it were issued.

Applications for renewal need to be handed it at the SA Police at least 90 days before the date of expiry that appears on the license.

What you also need to know

  • Currently it is still possible to get new licenses for firearms for which licenses were issued under the old firearm act, in other words the green license cards and the licenses that are in identity documents.
  • Although these “old” licenses are still valid due to an interim judgement in current legal proceedings in the Northern Gauteng Division of the High Court, we feel that license holders should make use of this opportunity to get their firearms licensed under the new firearm act. Obviously there is no guarantee in regards to the eventual outcome of the case.

We can assist with all applications for renewals and late renewals of firearm licenses.


The Easy Way To Get Your Firearm License

Let Us Help You

We prepare everything for you!

Our reduced fees as from 2016-07-01 = R750.00 for the first application and then R500.00 for every consecutive application (self defense, hunting and sport shooting).

Our fees include the preparation of all documents for firearm license applications as required by the SAPS  (including the application forms for competency and license with attachments as well as the motivation).

Full details of our fees.

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ABOUT THE FIREARM-LICENSE.CO.ZA WEB SITE is a firearm license information website and provides visitors with information and regarding the new South African Firearm Control Act, Act 60 of 2000. Find out how to get a new firearm licence or to renew a firearm licence, about license renewal dates, how to legally dispose of a gun, licensing deadlines, how to get help with an appeal against the refusal of a license or competency certificate and what to do about a late application.

Use the extensive list of firearms to lookup about any known rifle, shotgun, pistol or revolver. Follow the links for full details, info and specifications. If cartridges are your passion you should have a look at the lists of handgun cartridges and rifle cartridges.

Complete the form on the left if you need information or a quote regarding a new firearm licenses, a firearm license renewal or an appeal against the refusal of a license. I will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

You can also view the on-line bookshop, the Gun and Bow Bookshop for a wide selection of books on hunting and target shooting, all types of firearms like rifles, pistols, revolvers and shotguns, ballistics, cartridges, ammunition, reloading, hand loading, archery, bow and arrow, crossbows and bow hunting. As this bookshop links directly to you will pay the lowest possible price.

Due to the disarmament fears that followed the announcement of the new Firearm Control Act, I decided to make Guy Smith’s ebook “Gun Facts”, available on the website for free download. Some of the contents of the book are relevant to the current South African situation. Here is the download link for the ebook. This book has been downloaded by hundreds of thousands of people in 165 countries.



On 26th June 2009, in the court case between The SA Hunters and Game Conservation Association (SAHGCA) and the Minister of Safety and Security, the Northern Gauteng Division of the High Court granted an interim interdict against the Minister of Safety and Security confirming that firearm licenses which were issued in terms of the “Old” Firearms Act (1969) will be deemed to remain valid until the main application has been finalised.

The interim interdict was granted pending the outcome of the main application, which will determine the constitutionality of the transitional provisions contained in the Firearms Control Act (Act 60 of 2000). The Court will have to decide whether the constitutional principles in respect of the protection of private property, the principle against criminal prosecution as well as fair administrative procedures had been complied with.

This interim interdict means that existing old “green licenses” (issued in terms of the Firearms Act of 1969) will remain valid until finalisation of the main application, and firearm owners cannot be criminally charged for the illegal possession of their firearms licensed under the “old” firearm act.

Firearm licenses owners should make use of opportunity created by the interim interdict and immediately take action regarding firearm licenses that has not been renewed yet.

Please contact me via the contact form on the left hand side of the page if you need help with your new firearm license, firearm license renewal or an appeal against the refusal of a license.

Feel free to ask a question here. It will be answered as soon as possible via email.



If you want to do your own license application, but need guidance and examples, this 130 page firearm licensing guide is just what you need! Here is a link to the table of contents.  The purpose of this guide is to provide a step by step guide on how to do a successful application for a competency certificate and a new firearm license. The guide also provide all the resources you need to prepare your application.


Get your Firearm License A Step by Step Guide

Several examples are included and the guide shows you exactly:

  • How to complete the forms
  • How to do the motivation
  • What information is required in the motivation
  • The supplementary documents and information that should be added to your application.
  • Where to get this information
  • The most common reasons why licenses applications are declined
  • The relevant sections of the new firearm act

The guide also includes a full resource list and all the relevant official SA Police Competency and Firearm License application forms in .pdf aswell as in .doc format.

The DIY Solution @ R 95.00 – Our Firearm Licensing Guide

FIREARM LICENSING SERVICES – drastic reduction in fees


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  • Michael

    Good Evening

    I would just like to find out about having a gun ? what are the laws regarding them. When can they be used in a situation (to defend yourself) reason why I am asking is because I ave been in many close calls lately I have been asleep and I was robbed twice while I was a sleep and they (the imposters were in my bedroom) I want to start to become protected so how will I go about getting a gun what will the process be and the fees involved ? Keep in mind I have never used a weapon in my life, but am at a stage were I need to be careful and aware of my surrounding and protect myself. I am only 21 years of age

    Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks
    You can comment here, or drop me a personal email if you would like.

  • Carel van der merwe

    Hi,do i need a license for a 5.5mm air gun

    • go247

      It depends on a number of factors.

      Have a look at the following extract from the Firearm Control Act”

      “‘firearm’ means any-
      (a) device manufactured or designed to propel a bullet or projectile through a
      barrel or cylinder by means of burning propellant, at a muzzle energy
      exceeding 8 joules (6 ft-lbs);
      (b) device manufactured or designed to discharge rim-fire, centre-fire or pin-
      fire ammunition;
      (c) device which is not at the time capable of discharging any bullet or
      projectile, but which can be readily altered to be a firearm within the
      meaning of paragraph (a) or (b);
      (d) device manufactured to discharge a bullet or any other projectile of .22
      calibre or higher at a muzzle energy of more than 8 joules (6 ft-lbs), by
      means of compressed gas and not by means of burning propellant; or
      (e) barrel, frame or receiver of a device referred to in paragraphs (a), (b), (c)
      or (d),
      but does not include any device contemplated in section 5;”

      5 Devices not firearms for purposes of this Act
      (1) For purposes of this Act, the following devices are not regarded as firearms:
      (a) Any explosive powered tool manufactured specifically for use in industrial
      application, including line-throwing guns and impex-type building pistols;
      (b) any explosive powered tool manufactured to split rock or concrete by
      means of discharging an explosive cartridge;
      (c) any industrial tool manufactured for use in the mining and steel industry to
      remove refractory material;
      (d) any captive bolt gun manufactured for use in an abattoir in the humane
      killing of animals;
      (e) an antique firearm;
      (f) an airgun;
      (g) a tranquilliser firearm;
      (h) a paintball gun;
      (i) a flare gun;
      (j) a deactivated firearm; ”

      If it falls under the description of a firearm you need a license, otherwise not….

  • Danny


    I am 19 years old and I did my proficiency tests and the police did approve my competency certificate. I want to buy a rifle and a shotgun for occasional hunting and sport shooting. What is the chance of them approving my license if I’m still under 21 and a full time student(not working yet).


  • Tim

    Good day
    I have my Police competency for fire arm and for shotgun and for carbine,
    I belong to a club and have my dedicated sports status with competencies.
    I currently have a Fire arm for self defense and my shotgun manual for sports shooting.
    On the 18 of September 2013 they refused my 223 semi auto rifle as well as 2X .22 semi auto long rifles, First they lost my 223 application and we resubmitted. it is a Dashprod SAR 15 from NSN arms who was supplied by Dave Sheer>>> is this a problem?
    What do i do and what are the next steps can you assist and will we appeal or do a knew license application.
    What is my rate of being successful if you do it for me???

  • Tilla Smit

    I appealed against the refusal of my application for a license for a pistol in June 2011, I have still not heard anything. Who should I contact? I have been told that it would be easier to just re-apply for a new license.

  • ketan

    Hi i am turning 18 and i would like to know how to get a license before i turn 21 for self defence purposes.

  • EDJ

    Is there any FFL dealer in the western cape – Vredenburg area. Please I want to import a .22 LR rifle.

    Does it require an license in SA?

  • Craig

    Hi my uncle passed away about a 2 years ago and left his firearm for me. his wife has given the firearm to the police station to keep until I can obtain my firearm licence. how do I go about this? please provide me with some detailed information?

    thanking you in advance.


  • Francoise

    Good day. I received a letter from sahgca stating that lately the CFR only give licence to dedicated sport shooters. Do you know if that is the case for I don’t have that status yet? Thank you.

  • JP


    How long will it take to prepare the motivation for a new licence application?

  • Wimpie Swart

    Word has it that it is impossible to obtain a license for a .22 rifle, is this the case?
    I want to join the local shooting club in George, and want to take part in shooting meets, and occasionally hunt for guinea fowl and small game.

    Your input in this matter would be appreciated.

    Thank you

  • Hi ..I want to purchase myself a firearm but can’t seem to find the proper firearm licence organization so has anyone been part of and are they good as they say they are because I have been told that its difficult to get a licence if u don’t work for police,security

  • mandisa

    hi i applied for a firearm license for self defence purposes and it was rejected because the reason i had provided was that i live in a high crime area now im in the process of appealing the rejection. can you please provide me with some reasons on how i could make this appeal a success. thank you

  • Darryl

    Hi Admin

    I am in the process of inheriting a 303 rifle from my dad as he no longer wants it. would the best process to be to join an accredited hunting club before i apply?


  • Pierre

    I want to apply for a license for a shotgun. I have 2 hunting rifles on my name, competency for a rifle. Did my competency for a shotgun (test and pracical shooting to obtain the certificate). Do I need to go through the whole process again to obtain competency for a shotgun from SAPS(fill in SAPD 517 with references, testimonials, etc) or can I fill in the SAPD 517a (application for further competency) since I allready have competency for a rifle?


  • Clive

    Hi admin,please help.made purchase of a pistol recently.i currently have a revolver,and have the new licence.I would like to sell the revolver or trade it would I have my licence changed to a pistol.i was told I would need to hand it in to the SAP who will cancel my licence,thereafter
    I will need to reapply for a new one for my pistol. What do I do within the waiting period,or if they disapprove of the new one. Many thanks

  • Trevor

    Good day I applied for my competency I want to get my license but haven’t stayed very long in the flat I’m staying in now so I don’t have proof of residece what do I do now?

  • George


    I have inherrited my father’s 12’br shotgun and I wan’t to sell it rather than getting a licence.

    Any direction/advice please.

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