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Please take note of the following:

1. On 2018-07-27 an interim interdict was issued after an application by GOSA (Gun Owners South Africa). Please see below for exact details.

In the interim interdict, it is stated that:

“7 Any applications for renewal contemplated in paragraphs (b) and (c) above shall still be subject to the requirement of “good cause” as contemplated in section 28(6) of the Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000.
8 Any applicant who has lodged an application for renewal and who has prima facie provided good cause in the relevant space provided on SAPS Form 518(a), shall be deemed to be in lawful possession of the firearm until his application has been decided.”
This case has however still to be heard in court and obviously, it can go either way.
What will be considered “good cause” is not exactly clear but it will certainly only be valid reasons like being overseas or ill for an extended period. In other words, we think that, unless an applicant can provide a valid reason (good cause) the application for renewal will be declined. 
2. There is an amnesty in consideration and we should have more details later in August.
What to do:
1. First of all; without a competency certificate, a person is not allowed to apply for a firearm license. So if you have not yet applied for renewal of your competency you should do it. 
(we can assist you with that)
2. If you have “good cause” we think you should now apply for renewal of your license.
(we can assist you with that)
3. If you don’t have “good cause” it might be better to wait for the amnesty and/or the outcome of GOSA’s case as it might offer a better solution (obviously it is not a certainty).
4. Please note this is our opinion and not legal advice. It is still for you to decide what to do.
Details of the interim interdict:
“1. Directing that the SAPS as represented herein by the 1st and 2nd Respondents be prohibited from implementing any plans of action or from accepting any firearms for which the license expired at its police stations or at any other place, for the sole reason that the license for the firearm expired, and that the SAPS be prohibited from demanding that such firearms be handed over to it for the sole reason that the license for such a firearm has expired and that this order will operate as an interim interdict, pending the further determination of this application, as prayed for in paragraphs 2 to 10 infra;
2. That this matter then be postponed to the opposed motion roll for further determination in the normal course of the roll, alternatively with such set time limits as this Honourable Court may deem reasonable upon hearing the parties or as agreed to between the parties, for the further determination of the following relief, as prayed for by the Applicant:
3 that by order of Court the periods as referred to in sections 27 and/or 24(1) and 24(4) of the Firearms Control Act, Act 60 of 2000, will be extended, in order for people that hold expired licenses to apply for the renewal thereof.
a. further alternatively
4 The First Respondent shall withdraw the circular issued by Acting National Commissioner Phahlane on 3 February 2016.
5 The First Respondent shall issue a directive that the information technology system of the Central Firearms Register be restored to a position that it is able to accept applications for renewal of licenses which are late because they are lodged inside the 90 days period envisaged in section 24(1) of the Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000.
6 The First Respondent shall issue a directive that the information technology system of the Central Firearms Register be restored to a position that it is able to accept applications for renewal of licenses which have expired because the period of their validity contemplated in section 27 of the Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000 has expired.
7 Any applications for renewal contemplated in paragraphs (b) and (c) above shall still be subject to the requirement of “good cause” as contemplated in section 28(6) of the Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000.
8 Any applicant who has lodged an application for renewal and who has prima facie provided good cause in the relevant space provided on SAPS Form 518(a), shall be deemed to be in lawful possession of the firearm until his application has been decided.
9 Further and/or alternative relief;
10 Costs, inclusive the cost of two counsel where so employed are reserved for determination in the main application.”


SA Hunter’s case to the Constitutional Court 

A trial date has been set and the appeal will be heard by the Constitutional Court on 2018/02/08.

For more details see – Maroela Media



Judgment in the SA Hunters case

Today Judge Ronel Tolmay handed down judgment in favor of SA Hunters, declaring that Section 24 read with Section 28 of the Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000 (FCA) is unconstitutional.

The Judge also ordered the government to amend Section 24 of the FCA within 18 months, and that until the Constitutional Court had confirmed her order, all firearm licenses which are or were about to be renewed in terms of Section 24 shall be deemed to be valid.

How this will impact the current renewal process remains to be seen.          

See the following news reports for more detail:


2016/07/01 – REDUCED FEES

We decided to reduce our fees.

Our fee to do a firearm license application with motivation is now reduced to R 750.00.
Our fees include the preparation of all documents for firearm license applications as required by the SAPS  (including the application forms for competency and license with attachments as well as the motivation).

Click the link for full details of our fees.



If you are late with the renewal of your license you should contact us urgently to discuss the available options.

Please note any application handed in later than 90 days before the expiry date of the license is a late application.

In terms of Section 24 of the Firearms Control Act (No 60 of 2000), an application for the renewal of a license must be made to the Registrar (by handing in such application at your local DFO) “at least 90 days before the date of expiry of the license”

For quite some time many DFO’s accepted late applications and new licenses were issued for such firearms.

However, a new instruction was recently issued by the SAPS Head Office that licenses for which late applications for renewals are received late should be dealt with as prescribed in Section 28 of the Act.

Section 28 prescribes that a firearm license terminates at the expiry date ((Section 28 (1)) and that the Registrar may cancel such license (Section 28 (2)) if the holder of the license did not comply with any provision of the Act. Section 28 (3) requires the holder of the license to be given a notice that he/she may within 30 days submit representations why the license should not be canceled. The Registrar must then consider such representation and either issue a renewal license or refuse the renewal of the license and direct the owner that the firearm must be disposed of in a prescribed manner.

The owner then has 60 days within which the firearm must be disposed of in the way prescribed by the Registrar. If such disposal is not done the firearm must be forfeited to the State and the owner must surrender it as prescribed (Section 28 (5)).

According to the new SAPS instruction the DFO have to do the following when receiving late applications.

Complete the Form SAPS 533 (Request to Cancel a Firearm License)
Hand to the owner or license holder the notice to inform him/her that he/she may in writing provide representation within 30 days why the license should not be canceled
Complete SAP 86 (a) (The SAPS Checklist to be completed with an application)
Submit the completed documentation to the Provincial Office

Some license holders think that if they still have their old green licenses, these are still valid and there is no need to renew the new (white card) licenses. This is incorrect. If you renewed your licenses and were issued with the white card licenses, the old green licenses lapsed and are not valid any longer.


2015/02/14 – Import notice regarding the Renewal of Firearm Licenses

Please note that competency certificates and firearm licenses issued under the Firearm Control Act 60 of 2000 need to be renewed.

Licenses issued for self-defense expires after 5 years and licenses issued for hunting or sports shooting expires after 10 years.

Competency certificates need to be renewed on the same date as the license for which it was issued.

Applications for renewal need to be handed in at the SA Police at least 90 days before the date of expiry that appears on the license.

What you also need to know

  • Currently, it is still possible to get new licenses for firearms for which licenses were issued under the old firearm act, in other words, the green license cards and the licenses that are in identity documents.
  • Although these “old” licenses are still valid due to an interim judgment in current legal proceedings in the Northern Gauteng Division of the High Court, we feel that license holders should make use of this opportunity to get their firearms licensed under the new firearm act. Obviously, there is no guarantee in regards to the eventual outcome of the case.

We can assist with all applications for renewals and late renewals of firearm licenses.


The Easy Way To Get Your Firearm License

Let Us Help You

We prepare everything for you!

Our reduced fees as from 2016-07-01 = R750.00 for the first application and then R600.00 for every consecutive application (self-defense, hunting, and sports shooting).

Our fees include the preparation of all documents for firearm license applications as required by the SAPS  (including the application forms for competency and license with attachments as well as the motivation).

Full details of our fees.

It is easy to get started, just complete the form on the left side of this page and we will contact you as soon as possible


You can contact me (Manie Esterhuizen) at



Need help with any of the following?


It is easy! Enter your contact details in the quotation form on the left-hand side of the page and I will immediately provide you with a free quotation and information regarding the licensing process.


  • You will get a complete and fully motivated application with all the needed attachments and required supporting documents, ready for your signature
  • You don’t have to add anything
  • All you need to do is print it out, provide your signature and hand it in     
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ABOUT THE FIREARM-LICENSE.CO.ZA WEBSITE is a firearm license information website and provides visitors with information and regarding the new South African Firearm Control Act, Act 60 of 2000. Find out how to get a new firearm license or to renew a firearm license, about license renewal dates, how to legally dispose of a gun, licensing deadlines, how to get help with an appeal against the refusal of a license or competency certificate and what to do about a late application.

Use the extensive list of firearms to lookup about any known rifle, shotgun, pistol or revolver. Follow the links for full details, info, and specifications. If cartridges are your passion you should have a look at the lists of handgun cartridges and rifle cartridges.

Complete the form on the left if you need information or a quote regarding a new firearm license, a firearm license renewal or an appeal against the refusal of a license. I will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

You can also view the online bookshop, the Gun and Bow Bookshop for a wide selection of books on hunting and target shooting, all types of firearms like rifles, pistols, revolvers and shotguns, ballistics, cartridges, ammunition, reloading, handloading, archery, bow and arrow, crossbows and bow hunting. As this bookshop links directly to you will pay the lowest possible price.

Due to the disarmament fears that followed the announcement of the new Firearm Control Act, I decided to make Guy Smith’s ebook “Gun Facts”, available on the website for free download. Some of the contents of the book are relevant to the current South African situation. Here is the download link for the ebook. This book has been downloaded by hundreds of thousands of people in 165 countries.



On 26th June 2009, in the court case between The SA Hunters and Game Conservation Association (SAHGCA) and the Minister of Safety and Security, the Northern Gauteng Division of the High Court granted an interim interdict against the Minister of Safety and Security confirming that firearm licenses which were issued in terms of the “Old” Firearms Act (1969) will be deemed to remain valid until the main application has been finalized.

The interim interdict was granted pending the outcome of the main application, which will determine the constitutionality of the transitional provisions contained in the Firearms Control Act (Act 60 of 2000). The Court will have to decide whether the constitutional principles in respect of the protection of private property, the principle against criminal prosecution as well as fair administrative procedures had been complied with.

This interim interdict means that existing old “green licenses” (issued in terms of the Firearms Act of 1969) will remain valid until finalization of the main application, and firearm owners cannot be criminally charged for the illegal possession of their firearms licensed under the “old” firearm act.

Firearm licenses owners should make use of opportunity created by the interim interdict and immediately take action regarding firearm licenses that have not been renewed yet.

Please contact me via the contact form on the left-hand side of the page if you need help with your new firearm license, firearm license renewal or an appeal against the refusal of a license.

Feel free to ask a question here. It will be answered as soon as possible via email.




If you want to do your own license application, but need guidance and examples, this 130-page firearm licensing guide is just what you need! Here is a link to the table of contents.  The purpose of this guide is to provide a step by step guide on how to do a successful application for a competency certificate and a new firearm license. The guide also provides all the resources you need to prepare your application.


Get your Firearm License A Step by Step Guide

Several examples are included and the guide shows you exactly:

  • How to complete the forms
  • How to do the motivation
  • What information is required in the motivation
  • The supplementary documents and information that should be added to your application.
  • Where to get this information
  • The most common reasons why licenses applications are declined
  • The relevant sections of the new firearm act

The guide also includes a full resource list and all the relevant official SA Police Competency and Firearm License application forms in .pdf as well as in .doc format.

The DIY Solution @ R 95.00 – Our Firearm Licensing Guide

FIREARM LICENSING SERVICES – a drastic reduction in fees


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  • Michael

    Good Evening

    I would just like to find out about having a gun ? what are the laws regarding them. When can they be used in a situation (to defend yourself) reason why I am asking is because I ave been in many close calls lately I have been asleep and I was robbed twice while I was a sleep and they (the imposters were in my bedroom) I want to start to become protected so how will I go about getting a gun what will the process be and the fees involved ? Keep in mind I have never used a weapon in my life, but am at a stage were I need to be careful and aware of my surrounding and protect myself. I am only 21 years of age

    Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks
    You can comment here, or drop me a personal email if you would like.

  • Carel van der merwe

    Hi,do i need a license for a 5.5mm air gun

    • go247

      It depends on a number of factors.

      Have a look at the following extract from the Firearm Control Act”

      “‘firearm’ means any-
      (a) device manufactured or designed to propel a bullet or projectile through a
      barrel or cylinder by means of burning propellant, at a muzzle energy
      exceeding 8 joules (6 ft-lbs);
      (b) device manufactured or designed to discharge rim-fire, centre-fire or pin-
      fire ammunition;
      (c) device which is not at the time capable of discharging any bullet or
      projectile, but which can be readily altered to be a firearm within the
      meaning of paragraph (a) or (b);
      (d) device manufactured to discharge a bullet or any other projectile of .22
      calibre or higher at a muzzle energy of more than 8 joules (6 ft-lbs), by
      means of compressed gas and not by means of burning propellant; or
      (e) barrel, frame or receiver of a device referred to in paragraphs (a), (b), (c)
      or (d),
      but does not include any device contemplated in section 5;”

      5 Devices not firearms for purposes of this Act
      (1) For purposes of this Act, the following devices are not regarded as firearms:
      (a) Any explosive powered tool manufactured specifically for use in industrial
      application, including line-throwing guns and impex-type building pistols;
      (b) any explosive powered tool manufactured to split rock or concrete by
      means of discharging an explosive cartridge;
      (c) any industrial tool manufactured for use in the mining and steel industry to
      remove refractory material;
      (d) any captive bolt gun manufactured for use in an abattoir in the humane
      killing of animals;
      (e) an antique firearm;
      (f) an airgun;
      (g) a tranquilliser firearm;
      (h) a paintball gun;
      (i) a flare gun;
      (j) a deactivated firearm; ”

      If it falls under the description of a firearm you need a license, otherwise not….

  • Danny


    I am 19 years old and I did my proficiency tests and the police did approve my competency certificate. I want to buy a rifle and a shotgun for occasional hunting and sport shooting. What is the chance of them approving my license if I’m still under 21 and a full time student(not working yet).


  • Tim

    Good day
    I have my Police competency for fire arm and for shotgun and for carbine,
    I belong to a club and have my dedicated sports status with competencies.
    I currently have a Fire arm for self defense and my shotgun manual for sports shooting.
    On the 18 of September 2013 they refused my 223 semi auto rifle as well as 2X .22 semi auto long rifles, First they lost my 223 application and we resubmitted. it is a Dashprod SAR 15 from NSN arms who was supplied by Dave Sheer>>> is this a problem?
    What do i do and what are the next steps can you assist and will we appeal or do a knew license application.
    What is my rate of being successful if you do it for me???

  • Tilla Smit

    I appealed against the refusal of my application for a license for a pistol in June 2011, I have still not heard anything. Who should I contact? I have been told that it would be easier to just re-apply for a new license.

  • ketan

    Hi i am turning 18 and i would like to know how to get a license before i turn 21 for self defence purposes.

  • EDJ

    Is there any FFL dealer in the western cape – Vredenburg area. Please I want to import a .22 LR rifle.

    Does it require an license in SA?

  • Craig

    Hi my uncle passed away about a 2 years ago and left his firearm for me. his wife has given the firearm to the police station to keep until I can obtain my firearm licence. how do I go about this? please provide me with some detailed information?

    thanking you in advance.


  • Francoise

    Good day. I received a letter from sahgca stating that lately the CFR only give licence to dedicated sport shooters. Do you know if that is the case for I don’t have that status yet? Thank you.

  • JP


    How long will it take to prepare the motivation for a new licence application?

  • Wimpie Swart

    Word has it that it is impossible to obtain a license for a .22 rifle, is this the case?
    I want to join the local shooting club in George, and want to take part in shooting meets, and occasionally hunt for guinea fowl and small game.

    Your input in this matter would be appreciated.

    Thank you

  • Hi ..I want to purchase myself a firearm but can’t seem to find the proper firearm licence organization so has anyone been part of and are they good as they say they are because I have been told that its difficult to get a licence if u don’t work for police,security

  • mandisa

    hi i applied for a firearm license for self defence purposes and it was rejected because the reason i had provided was that i live in a high crime area now im in the process of appealing the rejection. can you please provide me with some reasons on how i could make this appeal a success. thank you

  • Darryl

    Hi Admin

    I am in the process of inheriting a 303 rifle from my dad as he no longer wants it. would the best process to be to join an accredited hunting club before i apply?


  • Pierre

    I want to apply for a license for a shotgun. I have 2 hunting rifles on my name, competency for a rifle. Did my competency for a shotgun (test and pracical shooting to obtain the certificate). Do I need to go through the whole process again to obtain competency for a shotgun from SAPS(fill in SAPD 517 with references, testimonials, etc) or can I fill in the SAPD 517a (application for further competency) since I allready have competency for a rifle?


  • Clive

    Hi admin,please help.made purchase of a pistol recently.i currently have a revolver,and have the new licence.I would like to sell the revolver or trade it would I have my licence changed to a pistol.i was told I would need to hand it in to the SAP who will cancel my licence,thereafter
    I will need to reapply for a new one for my pistol. What do I do within the waiting period,or if they disapprove of the new one. Many thanks

  • Trevor

    Good day I applied for my competency I want to get my license but haven’t stayed very long in the flat I’m staying in now so I don’t have proof of residece what do I do now?

  • George


    I have inherrited my father’s 12’br shotgun and I wan’t to sell it rather than getting a licence.

    Any direction/advice please.

  • Venolan

    Hi Admin

    Please could you help, I applied for my compentecy certificate and gun licance at the same time, I then received sms letting me know that it was sent to the Provionical DFO and then sent to National offices. What is the process there and how long does it take from there on. Any contacts at National offices to help me.

  • gareth

    Hi admin

    I have had my competency apporoved and paid for my gun. I have sent my licence application through. It has been 2 months and my application is still at provincial…. Not even at cfr yet. How long legally do they have to give me an answer? As i need this item for self defence for work etc

  • Ian Theron

    Hi is there any place that actually indicates how long an application for a second larger caliber hunting rifle should take if you are already declared competent.

  • Hai I’m johannes. wnt to kno that ican qualified to get fire arm , idnt hev criminal record but I’ve being in jail for domestic voilace bat they dint churge only fine iwant to kno

  • Louis Coetzer

    Good day

    I inherited a 30-06 from my dad and went through the whole business to get accredited and licenced in 2005. I received my licences 13 months later in 2006. Only later did we realise that there was a mistake on the old original green licence. On the barrel the number is M*** and on the licence it is R***. This got carried over to the new licences. Have tried twice to have this corrected at SAP and both times my paperwork got lost. What am I to do now?



  • Kaylesh

    I received a sms yesterday stating my license has been finalized and contact DFO before collecting. I believe the license card is not ready, but can I go and collect a print-out from the police station and collect my gun with the print out until my license card comes?

  • Gilbert

    Hi Admin

    How long it takes for competency and firearm licence to be approved as I applied for both in January 2013. I only received one message after my application from my local DFO or my competency number. (competency no. is C6354532)

  • Hi- I applied for a new firearm license 3 months ago. Recieved a message from the saps a week ago stating ” Your Competentcy Certificate Ref. C6….. is receiving attention at the provincial DFO”. How long more or less will it take and does it look like i will get the license?? thnx in advance…


    Hi admin

    My compentency certificate expires on the 20th of April, do i need to apply for a new compentency certificate or can i just apply for a new firearm licence which will also expires in two months time.

  • Jaco


    I have a question regarding the old green cards…

    I have seen that hunters used to make cetrified copies of all their hunting rifles and laminate it on 1 x A4 when they go hunting.

    Fearing that seperate cards might get lost in on the farm is the reason they gave…

    Is that legal?…or at least when you are stopped by the SAPS?

  • Andre

    Hi, am I allowed to store a rifle for someone else if I have a compentancy certificate for that type of weapon and the correct safe? Is their any requirements to adhere to (eg letter from owner) to do this?

  • Lucky

    Where or how can I get this R95-00 book?

  • At

    Hi Admin

    My mother passed away almost 10 years ago and although I initially intended to take ownership of her firearms (I’ve completed the competency test and paper work, but never submitted it), I got offered a job overseas and decided not to proceed with the process. Due to my sudden departure , I’ve given the firearms to a friend to store and also gave him authority to sell the firearms if he knew of somebody would be interested. None of the firearms were sold. I’m returning to South Africa soon, and decided to get rid of the firearms by submitting it to the SAPD. Although the firearms technically are still estate property. I’m concerned about the fact that it took long to deal with this issue. What penalties will I face when I return it in? Am I allowed to transport it to the Police Station myself? What paperwork do I need to take along? I’m the co-executer of my mother’s estate (and a director of the Family Trust) and have papers to proof that I had the authority to store and/sell/get rid the firearms.



  • Keanu

    What is the legal age to obtain a firearm?

  • Ace

    Good Day Sir

    I just need some clarity on one matter.

    I want to apply for a licence (New Application) for the first time. Do i have to obtain a competency certificate first before or it is all inclusive on your assistance when applying for one?


  • len

    Please can you help me . I want to sell my firearm legally as I have had it in a safe for a long time and just dont want the responsibility for safe keeping . It was licenced over 10 years ago

  • Rudi

    Can one check on the internet if your licence has been approved

  • Jorge

    Hi Admin. Firstly, great info on he site. I have a issue where I did not realize that both my competency licence and forearm licence expired a few months back. How do I go about renewing the licence as I am now worried that I have an Unlicensed firearm.

  • Danie

    Hi, just wanted to know, if my licence expired. is it to late to renew the firearm license?

  • Bernard Jooste


    I applied for renewal of my Firearm licence 2010-04-09 and received a competency certificate in the post on 2011-08-29 which was issued
    2011-03-25. Seemingit takes 5 months to send out approved competency certificates. hmm Anyway I have been making queries to Roodepoort registering office ever since, as to when I might receive my licence and they have constantly told me it has not yet been received. Today I called pretoria only to be told that the licence was rejected on 05/03/2011. Which is obviously before the competency certificate was issued. Once again weird. Anyway, I have now been told that my licence was rejected due to the fact that there is still a licence on my name for a firearm that was stolen 10 years ago and they will not issue 2 licences to the same individual (which was obviously allowed in the previous act). My question being that they supposedly sent out a let of rejection on 2011/03/05 ( but was never received by me, and I have not signed for a registered letter ). May I still appeal against the rejection. If not then do I need to re-apply after having the stolen firearms licence cancelled. Please help.
    Much appreciated.

  • Noel


    I still have my green license is it still valid,what are the procedure if I want to hand in my gun

  • tshepo

    Hi,I was arrested for drinking and driving in 2008.Will this have an effect when I apply for a gun license?

  • Is it a problem when i applied for the firearm and when my licence came the that is in the firearm is not exactly the same with the serial number on the card becouse the serial number on the start by zero for example the serial number on the firearm lets

    My broblem is this zero they start with to my licence numbers is it a problem or not

  • Sithembiso Ngema

    hi anyone who can help me i need to write a motivation letter for my firearm application.

    S Ngema

  • Kuby

    Hi, What the process to licence a firearm of a deceased person? The person has passed away few years ago.


  • Ivan

    Hi, I am looking at ordering a Colt Blank Firing Gun from overseas, but is a firearm licence required for this? Also, instead of overseas, do you know of any local South African dealers that sell Blank Firing Guns?

  • What I want to know is that since from october 2012 I apply for firearm license and still now I don’t receive nothing what I have is only a reference and I’m in hurry where ever I want the job they ask me that so please be hurry my name is mohatlane mahlomola joseph my email is my number is 0739360867 my I’d number is 8708085748085 I hope u will help me think you very much from mohatlane mj

  • Jb

    I was arrested in 2005 for stealing of computer’s but the fact is i didnt steal was transporting my friend with no idea that it was stolen and we got arrested but i was fined R4000.
    Will that affect me of getting my firearm license.
    Thank you


    I already have a licence for a handgun (44 magnum) used as backup when doing bowhunting. licence issued hunting/selfdefence . This is not practical for self defence, I want to buy a glock for self defence, do you foresee any problems with application. Thanks

  • mahlomola mohatlane

    I’m still waiting for my firearm and I’m in hurry


    I have send a competency certificate and they send me this sms: your compete

    ncy certificate is receiving atteion at the DFO it maen what?

  • Jan

    Hi admin

    Can you please help me with a motivation for a handgun?

    please e-mail me

  • Ephraim

    Hi there

    I applied for my license to be renewed in 2010. I followed up on this once in 3 to 4 months. The feedback I got was, they will contact me, which never happend.

    last week was told that a letter was sent to the postal address I gave then. Unfortunately the owner of the shop had since past on and the shop does not exist any more.

    The officer I spoke to referred me to Pretoria, at pretoria they referred me to Polokwane, and Polokwane refer me back to the police station I applied at. To date I have completed the cycle. What can I do to have my license renewed, please

  • Wolf

    I am looking into getting a hand gun licence .
    What is a % pass rate and how can you help?

    Or do I need to join my friends gun club,

    kind regards

  • LEE

    hi, i received my first firearm license 3months ago for self defense. currently i found my handgun got i wanna get a new nice handgun, do i must cancel the current license to get a new one or other solution

  • Alex

    Hi there,

    I’m a dedicated sportsman and have recently (2 months ago)applied for a rifle license. I got the approval after 6 weeks but I still haven’t received my license card yet…..2 weeks later. How long should this process usually take?

  • A.E


    I was arrested for Driving without any number plates. As a result I was charged with defeating the ends of justice. Would this be a problem for my firearm application?

    Thanking you in advance.


  • shaun

    Do you have to be a South African Citizen to obtain a gun license? I’ve lived in SA for the past 3 years and am currently on a Marital Visa, is that sufficient to apply?

  • ismail

    Hi, just wanted to know that if I got a handgun for self defence, can I apply for a shot gun and rifle. Many thanks to you for this awesome website.

  • Charles

    Hi Admin

    What is the correct procedure to follow when buying my nephew’s cz75, he is leaving the country in Dec 2012. can this gun be stored with someone until my paperwork is done? Please assist.

    Thank you

  • hennie

    hi admin
    its me again I just heard that my papers are finish at the fingerprint as from the 19 Oktober I phoned the person that helped me and she said that i will hear from them within 7 days cause they sit with a pannel and deside for a yes or a no..does this means after 7 days i will have both my compansy card and licence finish? once again thank you for your help

  • Reynier

    Hi There

    I already have my handgun licence. Now I want to apply for a Rifle licence, must I go and complete a competency course again or can I use the previous setificate I received.


    Reynier Cronje

    • admin

      Hi Renier

      If you only did the training for a handgun you will have to do training for a rifle and apply for further competency for a rifle. There is different training and different competency for handgun, rifle and shotgun.

  • i want to apply for a firearm but i doubt i will qualify just becoz im staying in a hi rated crime area. i’m currently working for a attorney firm in cape town and i just want to know can a police station reject my application just because of the area i stay in i dont have any criminal records

    • admin

      Hi Koos

      The SAP can’t decline your application because of the area you are staying in.
      The high crime should be part of your motivation to get the license.

  • hennie

    hello Admin
    I handed in my aplication 5weeks ago the latest feedback is that was recieved at the fingerprint department how long stil from here and what is the next step.thanx for all your help that you are giving us

  • k.m

    Hi admin

    Im not sure if you have answered this type of enquiry before but i hvae been granted my firearm licence and am waiting for the plastic card as the gun shop will not give me the weapon on a “print out” what can i do in order to collect my firearm as soon as possible?

  • Hi im mr buntubunzima ntoli Id 7108095371088.i did
    apply no respond to no one.i need your starting to losing hope now.i m woried because it is long time now.i also did an appeal.4 months e check for me .and respond to this email please contact detail.are cell address about.

  • Gareth

    HI admin, My comp has been approved as of the 4th October 2012, how long does it take to receive the actual card? they said I can go to my Local DFO and get a written form? now when I apply for my actual license, will I need to put a deposit on a firearm or what is the process? many thanks for all the help guys

  • Riaan Basson

    The saps submitted the wrong comp/lic ,and long story short now i have a comp for a muzzle loader and my license was denied cos its for my glock not a muzzle loader ,i havent recieved any letter or anything ,i cant reapply cos they say that the muzzle loader comp must first be cleared.
    Can u give me advise what must i do ? is there anybody that can sort it out in pta

  • brennan

    Hi Admin,

    I recently went through process of obtaining licence… i have been told that i have been denied my licence… i am still awiting letter(6 weeks) my questions:

    is this a normal time frame to wait for letter of refusal?
    what does the appeal process consist of?

    Kind Regards


  • Wessel

    Hi admin.

    My firearm licence was approved in May but at the end of july i still havent recieved my card so they issued a reprint and even now at the end of august i still havent recieved anything. The call center transfers me from one department to another without any success. What else can i do?

    Thank you

  • iain

    thanks admin.

    another few questions. i inherited a semi-auto shot gun and a .22 pistol from my grand father. i know in order to get them licensed i will need dedicated status, which is not the problem. what i need to know is what to do with the fire arms while undergoing the application process.

    your help will be greatly appreciated

  • iain

    hi admin, is it possible to get a dual license for a hunting rifle?

  • PM

    Hi Admin,

    Do I need two motivations for both the hand gun for self defence and the hunting rifle or can I combine them in one motivation?

    • admin

      Hi PM

      Normally the SAP accept two applications with one motivation but it is important to motivated the need and intended use of each firearm eg:

      Glock 9 mm P Pistol
      Self defense
      ….the motivation for this….

      .303 Lee Enfield rifle
      Occasional hunting
      ….the motivation for this….

  • Brad

    Hi please let me know how easy it is for me and my bother in-law to get a dual licence for a single rifle

  • Gareth

    Hi Admin

    Do you have any contact details for who I could follow my compt up with?

    many thanks

    • admin

      Only the the National Firearms Call Centre at +27 12 353 6111….,
      but if you email me your id number and surname I could maybe help you out 🙂

  • Brendan

    Quite a lot of helpful information here, nice 😉
    Have a question about pistol permits. I already have a concealed carry pistol permit from New York State in the US. How much of an issue will I have getting a permit for my handguns in SA ?

    Thank You

    • admin

      Hi Brendan, what would the purpose of your visit to SA be? Are you a SA citizen? You can email me at

      • Brendan

        I will post this here instead of email so maybe this will be of use to others who have found this place.
        I am planning on moveing to SA in the near future, not a citizen as of yet. The permit would be for personal defence, as it is here. I am quite surprised about strick they are there even for hunters. We do have strict laws with handguns though, 6-12 months of background checks by the FBI, State, and Local police, as well as mental health offices. I guess I am spoiled here in the US 😉

        • admin

          To get a South African firearm license you need to be a SA citizen or a holder of a permanent South African residence permit (section 9(b) of the Firearm Control Act).

          Sect 21 deals with temporary authorisation to possess firearm:
          (1) The Registrar may issue a temporary authorisation to possess a firearm to any
          person, including a non-citizen-
          (a) for such period as the Registrar may determine; and
          (b) subject to such conditions as may be prescribed and imposed by the

  • mohamed

    Hi I have applied for competency but would like to know if having a traffic fine for R100(failing to obey traffic sign) will affect my application?i have submitted the clearance certificate and that offence happened 10 years ago due to driving in a dangerous area late at night,yielding at a stop sign.what’s my chances?the call centre said I wont get it but I’m convinced that lady doesn’t know what she’s saying!

  • iain

    hey, no i dont have the manual safety. there should be stock arriving soon check with local gun dealers. i know safari outdoour has but weather they are registered distributers or not im not sure.

  • iain

    @ gareth, i bought a s&w mp9mm it is the best fire i have ever owned. in my opinion.

    • Gareth

      I fell in love with that handgun. The problem Im facing is stock. (im still going through the licensing phase though) did you get the M&P with manual safety?

  • allen hatingh

    send me details on the boock banking no. ect want to buy, have to motivate hunting rifle.

  • byron

    hi, i applied for a hand gun license in 2009, i recieved my compentancy certificate. when i went to the local saps they said the license was declined. i have not recieved a letter stating while it was rejected. i have tried everything to get a letter sent to me but all with no results. its 3 years later and still unsure what to do.

  • Gareth


    Applied for my comp today at the local police station, fingerprints were a bit of a nightmare (hoping they dont get sent back) The DFO seems to be the most professional person in the station (i now have hope). They say I should call back in 3 months……………..

    my last question is what 9mm is recommended, I know everyone will say well do you like blondes or brunettes (ill take both). but for example I like the glocks ergonomics, but dislike the lack of external safety. Anyone know of a 9mm that is similar to the glock but a bit safer to carry? i.e) have external safety or hammer

  • pesta bongani nkuna

    Hi admin I have applied my competency for a hand gun for business purposes,how long can it takes especial when I don’t have criminal rwcords or anything which can put me on the risk of declining,please help me

  • Gareth


    I have recently passed my proficiency, have both certificates from the accredited Fire arms training centre, I now need to apply for my competency certificate from the local DFO, I have the forms, how long am I looking at between receiving my Contempency card and actual licence.

    I am 24 years old, no criminal recoed, I heard If i say self defence as motivation, the SAPS may say that my motivation is not solid enough?

    also my local dealer wants me to pay for my glock now before I receive my license?

    thanks for an awsome site!

      • ASH


        • Gareth

          ASH you will need to go into your local stationa and set up an appointment with the DFO, they will give you the forms.

          you then need to bring in 3 people that reside with you for the DFO to ask questions on your sanity, drugs or alchohol abuse etc.

          you need to take

          certifide copies i.d
          certifide copied porifeciency certificates
          3 x colour passport photos
          1x small envelope

          they take your prints at the station and submit your application

          then you wait ahah!!

  • AJ

    Hi Admin

    I would like to apply for a new license, have already done the proficiency, now need to get the rest done. How long does it take and how much does it cost?

    I would also like to know what does it take to get a gun collectors licence so I can start collect more firearms?

    Pls email me?

  • Hey there,

    Can you please send me an email with more info on how to get a firearm license for a handgun. Does it matter where i buy the handgun and with which company i do my competency?

    Thank you

  • Hi
    Thank you for the great info on your site. I am just wondering how long a new application takes for a handgun.

  • Phillip

    Good day, please send me an email of exact way to follow to obtain a firearm license. If you do have costs it would be great too.

    Thank you so much

  • Donocan Scheepers


    My grandfather past away and he left me his handgun, now I would like to get a licence for it please. Where do I start??

    Thank You

  • iain

    hi there

    i was just wondering, can you buy ammo, go to the range etc with a certified copy of your licence card. and will a certified copy stand if asked to produce your licence. as i would rather have a copy to carry around than the actual licence should it go missing stolen and so on

  • Wessel

    Hi Admin.

    My licence was approved more than a month ago but my card has still not been printed apparently because off a back lock or something but the call centre cant really help me more than that. Is their anyone else i can contact to get more info because even the call center say its taking to long. They transfer me to another department but nobody awnsers on the other side. Please tell me you can help.


  • Mike


    I have handed both my application in at the same time in August 2011 got my competency last week. In the details below I looks like a quick thing to get license after the competency is received is it?
    Also is the competency a card of some kind because at the police station I got a printed page with their stamp on it that’s all.

    The DFO will send the application form, as well as the supporting documents, to the Central Firearms Register (CFR) for consideration. After the successful consideration of your application for a firearm licence, the DFO will ask you to obtain and install, within 14 days, a firearm safe that meets the standards set by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS). The DFO will carry out a physical inspection of your premises to ascertain that you have met the requirements for a safe. Upon receipt of the successful Safe Inspection Report, your licence will be printed and sent to the Designated Firearms Officer to be handed to you against a signature in the SAPS 86 register

    Thank you kindly

    • admin

      Hi Mike
      I think the SAP is trying to speed up the process by making use of the printouts as proof that the competency has been approved (instead of waiting for the printed cards). You should receive your license shortly, lately is has been going much quicker.

      • Mike


        In need some help with getting my gun license please, apparently my application for my license has been declined.

        I phone my local police station and according to what they see my license was declined the 24 April already. I didn’t receive any letter stating that how long does it take before receiving it and what must I do thereafter.

        Thank you kindly

  • ismail

    Hi there, I have applied for my competency certificate and was approved, just wanted to know what’s the chances of my firearm licence for self defence being approved and how long could it take.
    NB very helpfull site
    Many thanx

    • admin


      If you competency is approved you should not have a problem with your license but it all depends on your motivation. Lately we had applications that were approved in 3 months.

  • Yolan Chetty


    I’m interested in getting a firearm license for a hand gun. As Iam working in a family owned business and we deal with cash for staff wage and paying suppliers etc. I am a 23 year old male with no criminal record and I am the one who usually carrys the cash from bank to company etc. I wanted know if I do apply threw all the neccessery stages will I have any issues regarding my age and that I’m not the owner of the company. We have had cases of people following us and have been held up once before. It will not only give me piece of mind knowing I can protect my self in that case of carrying cash. But a sense of safety for my parents who are trusting me and my staff and suppliers who rely on that weekly cash. Please help.

    • admin

      Your age should not be a problem. If you motivate that you need the firearm for the business the SAP might say that the business should apply and issue you with a firearm. Rather do it just for self defense.

  • Erasmus


    I am 24 years old and I want to apply for a firearm license.I would like to know how do I go about it ? Thank You

  • Wessel

    Hi admin. Just wanted to ask you how long i will have to wait (give or take) for my licence card to arrive since my licence application was approved last week. Thanks

  • rayner

    Hi admin

    How difficult would it be to get a license for a .22lr rifle I do not have any licenses at the moment

    • admin

      Hi Rayner
      It is all about your motivation, it should explain why do you need to specific caliber and what do you intent to use it for. I don’t see any problem.

  • des

    Hi there
    You site is very help full is ther some one i can see in cape town to assist with my new licence


  • Roland Meyer

    I was arrested under the suspescion of “driving under the influence” in 2000, I appeared in court but (SA paperwork being like it is} they lost the dockets for my case. They then ruled that the case “Is thrown from court and im free to go) no fines, they even apologised for wasting my time…

    I started applying for a competency certificate and the transfer of a .308 licence from my fathers name to mine in 2006, they refused both because they say there is still that courtcase outstanding in my name… I have tried numerous times to clear this at the Nelspruit Police station, they say they cant clear my record if they havent got the docket (wich they lost) and there is no one at the cfr that can help me !

    I have appealed against the refusal but they lost the papers… What to do, I dont want to break the law to go hunting, but our goverment seems to be forcing me in to that direction !


    • admin

      Hi Roland, I think you should consider getting a lawyer to sort the matter regarding the “open case” out. As long as the case shows open at the SAP Criminal Record Center your application would not be approved.

  • Doug

    I hold a work permit as a game ranger in South Africa, can I appy for a competency card from Saps or must you be an SA resident?

  • saurabh

    i want to know iam in abroad how can i aply for pistol licence

  • kobus

    Hi i am 19 and and i want to aply for mygun licens i am a member of the wingshooter sosiety is that going to help me and how do i star to get agun licens

    • admin

      Hi Kobus
      Unless you have dedicated status as a hunter or sports shooter you will have to wait till you are 21 before you can apply. If you have dedicated status age does not matter.

  • Mark

    I am overseas since May 2011. My handgun is in safekeeping at a dealer. I am due back in SA in mid 2013, but my license expires Jan 2013. Can I renew it when I get back if I can prove I was overseas?

  • iain

    hi admin

    once the licence has been approved do you need to wait untill they send the card to your local police station before you can collect it. or can you collect it your self. and do you them need the card in order to collect your fire arm?

  • iain

    how can i go about getting dedicated hunter or sport shooter status?

  • iain

    hi admin

    i inherited a semi auto shot gun from my grandfather who passed away some time ago. could you advise me how i could go about having it licenced in my name?

    • admin

      Hi Ian, unless you can motivate the need for a restricted firearm for self defense, or have dedicated status as a sport shooter or hunter, the SAP would not approve an application for a semi automatic shotgun.

  • rayner

    How do I get a license for a shotgun that I inherited from my grandmother the old license was not renewed

  • ray

    Good day
    My father has an old single shot shotgun that was my grandfathers. The license was not renewed is it possible for me to apply for a license. My grandmother said I could have the gun but doesn’t want to take any chances. How would I go about doing this? I haven’t done the competency training or anything yet.
    Kind regards

  • alan beattie

    hi there how long do you have to wait to get a handgun licence as im in the process of permantley moving out to Benoni from the UK?

    many thanks

  • Bevyn

    I would like to apply for a new gun license. I do not or have not before owned a gun.What are all the requirements that I need.

    • admin

      Hi Bevyn
      You need to be a SA Citizen, at least 21 years of age. See the following post for more details:

      Firearm Licensing Procedure
      I get a lot of questions regarding the firearm licensing procedure, so here are the basics:

      First of all you will have to do the training required for the competency certificate. This needs to be done at an accredited firearm training facility. It is not a big deal and usually takes 1 to 3 days.
      Here is a list of firearm training facilities – Training Facilities (I am not a training provider).
      The training facility will provide the firearms needed for the training.
      After you received the training certificate the application for the competency certificate can be done. Please note that the training certificate is not a competency certificate.
      You need to apply at the SA Police for a competency certificate (I can help you with your application).
      Without a competency certificate you can not apply for a firearm license.
      You need to apply at the SA Police for a firearm license (I can help you with your application).
      You need to fully motivate your application for a firearm license (I can help you with the motivation for your application).
      You can hand the application for the competency certificate as well as the application for the new gun license in at the same time, but you can not apply for a license unless you also apply (or previously applied) for a competency certificate.
      You need to hand the application in yourself as the police are going to take your finger prints.
      You can apply for a competency certificate before you buy a firearm but you need to buy / legally obtain a firearm before you can apply for a license as the firearm details and firearm serial number are required on the firearm license application form (I am not a gun dealer).
      The police will first deal with your application for the competency certificate and after that is approved they will proceed with your gun license application.
      The firearm dealer or current license holder will have to keep the firearm until you firearm license is approved. You can only legally possess a firearm after your license is approved.

    • admin

      The email address you provided does not work

  • yasien

    hi…i wanted to know how i could apply for a gun license cause iwanted to take ownership of my father’s one could anyone help please in advising me…thanks

  • John

    I baught a 308 hunting rifle from a gunshop, submitted my application in August 2011. Competency was submitted end July 2011 and received end September 2011. After 7 months my application status was still ‘received’ on the database. After phoning the call centre numerous times they advised me to resubmit the application which I did. I handed it in personally at head office as advised, after everything was approved by the DFO of my local police station. I was informed that my application will take no longer than a week. After 10 days they say there is something wrong with my application. The person that received my application said everything looks 100%. What more must I do? From the start of this process I drove to the police station 14 times, went twice to head office, made 78 phone calls, and 8 months later I don not have an answer. All they tell me is there is ‘something wrong’ with my application. I booked a hunting trip, which I will probably have to cancel if I don’t receive my license in time. Is it worthwhile to apply for a temporary permit?

  • Heinrich

    Hi Admin,

    I would like to apply for a new gun license. I do not or have not beore owned a gun. I however would like to apply only for one Hunting Rifle.I believe the new licenses do not take so long anymore and within 3Months you will receive your license.
    can You please indicate or mail me all the relevant information and what you offer to apply for a new license?/


  • Andre

    I have been waiting for 5 years for a hunting rifle licence. I received the competency, but not the licence. Last year the licence was declined. I handed in an appeal in January 2011. There has been no progress since. Should I just continue waiting?

  • Shane

    Hi Admin ,

    i applied for a firearm compentancy ,and new Handgun lisence last year 24 October 2011 together , my compentancy was aproved 09 December 2011 , my lisence then was only put on the roll as from the 12 December 2011 as “in progress” , i seem to be fine getting through to the call centres and called last week , its no off the progress list and now as from the 12 March its now put up for “Concideration”,
    is that a good sign been moved up from In “progress” to “Concideration”?
    or could it still be declined from that last step of Concideration?

    regards Shane
    N.B your site extremly helpfull ta.

  • Maladini Nompehle

    Hi admin.
    I’ve just called the firearm licencies call centre and they telling me that my application has been turned down,I must wait for the letter confirmatoin,so I wold like to know if what step must I take from now?
    Thanks kind regards.

  • Marco

    Hi there,

    If I want to store a firearm at my house while my application is pending, how do I go about? What permits are required?

    • admin

      The form used is a SAPS 518 – Application for a Temporary Authorization to Possess a Firearm.. The best would be to go and see your local DFO (Designated Firearm Officer) about it.

  • Gerhard

    Hi, I own an old 303 which I bought while in the army (from the army) the one I eventually got was without a bolt (bummer!) I had a legal license for it and had to show it before I got the weapon. I subsequently lost the old ID (still a black ID) in which my license was. So, although the rifle was legally licensed at the time (1980), I lost the ID in which the license was, wanted to hand it in because it is useless to me, but never did, and also did not renew the license. Am I going to jail or what can I do. Also, if people are living abroad and have legally licensed south african weapons, what is best for them to do and can someone do it on their behalf or must they be physically present?

    • admin

      You can get a computer printout with your license details from the SAP. Please the “IMPORTANT NOTICE” on the first page of the website, it deals with the “old” licenses.

      People living abroad must renew their licenses themselves.

      • Yashi

        I too have a a firearm for which I obtained a license in the early 1980’s. I misplaced my original id containing the license. I live in US and would like to bring it over. What do I need to do?

  • john

    hi there well i phoned again last night and the person i spoke to said i must phone today again he says my application has been hanging way to long and they must take it up today i mean if he can see its been received 5months ago and nothing been done yet then yes someone has to do something is it true that because of the court case they had against the saps that the new time for a licence to be done witg is 3 months or do you know what the outcome was for the case on the licences

  • Chris Shelton

    Hi there. I currently have three licenced firearms on my name, viz. a .38 special, .308 hunting rifle and a 12 guage double barrel shotgun. I reside in the Karoo and have permission from a number of farmers to shoot on their land. Something that I strongly desire is a .22 rifle for plinking to keep my eye in and also for guinea fowl and rabbit hunting. I believe that .22 licences are near on impossible to acquire? Has anything changed in this regard? What do I need to do to be able to qualify for a .22 rifle licence?

    Your reply in this regard will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks and regards

    • admin

      Hi Chris
      It is certainly not impossible to get a license for a .22. It is all about your motivation in which, like any other motivation, you have to “proof” :
      The need for the firearm and
      that the firearm is the type of firearm best suited for the intended purpose

  • john

    hi there yes my competency was approved before i gave my licence papers in so that was approved so then on the 13th of october i got the message that my application for new licence was received in pta but from there i only get the same response no matter who i try calling or speak to it just keeps on staying at the recieving in pta story so who can i speak to who can actualy tell me where my license is at this stage thanks

  • Hey there, my name is Gavin Botha and I recently applied for my firearm competency in October last year and it was rejected some time mid January. I applied at Sinoville police stations firearm department and after I got notice that my competency was rejected they could not give me any information as to why it was rejected but told me that the reason why my Competency was rejected will be sent in the mail. The police also gave me 6 different numbers for the appeals board and not one of them actually works(I’m not kidding, 4 of them are out of service and 2 of them where for just other police stations) So I am getting concerned about my appeals since it has been two months and still no letter from them and,I have been trying to start working as an Armed Response Officer for a while and the Competency card is the very last thing I need for employment. Could you please help with maybe the physical address of the appeals board so I can see them in person or perhaps if you have a number that works! Also how long should I expect for it to come in the mail? Maybe I am getting ahead of myself since I am very anxious to start working.. any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you for your time.

    • admin

      Hi Gavin

      This is what I have:

      Die addresses of the CHAIRMAN OF THE APPEALS BOARD:


      PRIVATE BAG X811



      FAX: 012 353 6041


      • hi.i am currently 16years old and i am a hunter.i would like to know how do i apply for a gun license before 21?.what are the requirements?.what do i need to apply for a gun license?.where can i apply?.is there a place in JHB?

        please let me know


  • iain

    can you tell me what are the various stages an application goes through once it has been submitted.

    • admin

      This is what I got from the SAP regarding the process:

      “Service standard
      The DFO will send the application form, as well as the supporting documents, to the Central Firearms Register (CFR) for consideration. After the successful consideration of your application for a firearm licence, the DFO will ask you to obtain and install, within 14 days, a firearm safe that meets the standards set by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS). The DFO will carry out a physical inspection of your premises to ascertain that you have met the requirements for a safe. Upon receipt of the successful Safe Inspection Report, your licence will be printed and sent to the Designated Firearms Officer to be handed to you against a signature in the SAPS 86 register.”

  • iain

    what i found strange was that my competency was approved in no time at all, within 3 weeks of submitting it. but after 4 months my application still says received by central firearms. i dont understand what could take so long.

  • Werner Burger

    Hi there I have submitted my paper work today at SAPS I have already bought my firearm from an dealer and I had all my paperwork in order they only accepted my SAPS 517 paper work and not my SAPS 271 I thought you can do both at the same time am but according to the officer I can only do one at time only after my SAPS 517 have been approved then only can I submit my SAPS 271. Is that true or are they F***** me around thanks

    • admin

      Some police stations accepts applications for competency certificates and applications for new licenses at the same time, others don’t.

      The competency application must be finalized before the police can proceed with an application for a new license as competency is required before you can get a firearm license. So even if both applications are accepted at the same time, an application for a new license will be held back till the competency is approved.

  • john

    Hi again well thats why i asked you is there not a site or something where a person can view it i have phoned the call centre about 50 times already they tell me the same thing over and over again no progress according to me i mean how long can something lie in receiving lying for 5 months in receiving well thats a pretty long time i hope they didnt lose it

  • anand

    hi there i have a firearm licence for 2 yrs now but when i applied i did a section 15 cause it was easier.
    now i want to buy another firearm which i like and its the tauraus pt 915
    and i want to apply for self defence
    wat do you think give me some ideas

    • admin

      If you apply for a license under section 13 for self defense you will have to proof the need and suitability of the firearm. In my ebook this is explained in detail and several examples from actual applications are provided. The book went on sale this morning for only R 95-00.

  • iain

    who would you suggest i call to make regular inquiries?

    • admin

      You can try the National Firearms Call Centre at +27 12 353 6111. This is a 24-hour service and we get quicker response when we phone after hours.
      Your local SAP can also provide you progress as they can see it on the SAP firearm computer system.

  • iain


    is there no way that one can speed your application up? the process seems rediculously slow!!!


  • john

    hi i would just like to know is there a website where i can view my status on how far my licence is ive tried speaking to the call centre and all they can tell me is it has been received in pta last year on the 13 october thank you

  • René


    I need to renew my handgun license at the end of 2011. Please advise what I should do. Thank you.

  • Dakalo

    hi, i want to buy a gun & i dnt know where to start. please advise where to start

  • Andre


    I need to do a COMPETENCY application/license. This will be my first application and I need to know the steps to achieve this. Do I do this first and then apply for a gun license.
    Your assistance in this matter will be appreciated.

  • Cobus


    I want to buy firearm from my mother but did not do any of the steps so far to obtain a licence, does the firearm need to be in her possesion until the licence is issued or am i allowed to have possesion while the application is submitted ?

  • roland

    Hi I did an application 4 a gun I wrote da test der afta went 2 da police station did my finger prints.I jst wanna no hw long frm nw wil I get a feed bak 2 do da next step thank u

    • admin

      It takes between 3 to 6 months before a competency is approved. A license application takes between six months and a year to be approved. This is just an estimate as the period can be influenced by a lot of things.

  • Michael

    Good Day.

    I have applied for a new rifle license March 2011.
    Ever since, I have received confirmation with regards to my competency – which was handed in with my application, but nothing further.

    If application / license is denied, do they inform you, or do I have to contact them?

    Can I trace my application, and if so, who do I contact?

    Kind Regards

    • admin

      Hi Michael

      If the SAPS decline your application they are suppose to send you a letter of refusal and provide you with a reason why the application is declined. You have the right to appeal the decision.

      It is difficult to say how long it takes before an application is approved/declined but experience show it can be anything from 6 months to 18 months (and even longer).

      The National Firearms Call Centre (+27 12 353 6111) can provide you with progress on your application. It is a 24-hour service. I find it easier to get help if I call after hours.

  • Val

    We have had some very distressing things happen at our home. Husband was Hijacked at gun point and other various incidents, throwing bricks through our window and theft of several items. My husband is medically boarded due to an accident that occured in 1999, which has left him with a bit of brain damage. Would I be able to apply for a gun to be able to protect ourselves? Where would I need to go for a Competency Certificate

  • Karl


    I currently have a handgun licence for self-defense use. It is the new licence type, issued 2008 – which means it expires in 2013. My problem is that I am currently studying overseas and will probably only be back in SA in 2014 or 15. Do I need to reapply in the meantime? Can I do that from here? And will my licence be reissued if I am not currently in the country?

    Kind regards,

  • Ndoda

    hi admin will i be able to get the licence im 23 and i stay alone driving a bakkie had several housebraking at my place so will i get the licence for protection?

  • Wolfgp

    Hi Admin,

    Thanks for the reply,

    Does it depend on what license you apply for as well? ex hunting or self-defence ?or is the process the same for both? Reason for asking I’m thinking of buying a shotgun and license it for hunting?the license is also valid for 10 years if I’m not mistaking ?


    • admin

      It does not appear if the kind of firearm license has any influence on the period it takes to get the license approved.
      The process is the same for all types of licenses.
      Yes, you are correct, hunting licenses are valid for 10 years.

  • Wolfgp

    Hi Admin,

    after you have handed in your application alongside your competency, how long does the process take these days? still years?

    • admin

      It is difficult to say as it depends on the individuals who handle your application after it is handed in at the SA Police.

      Currently the average time it takes to get a competency certificate is between 3 months and 6 months and the average time to get a new firearm license is between 6 months and 18 months.

  • Amanda

    I tried to renew my Glock’s licence in March 2009. (I still have the old green licence.) On the certificate I received after completing the prescribed course, the code was U/S 119649. My competency certificate was rejected on 10 May 2011 because the code should have been U/S 117705. I requested a new certificate from the academy with correct code and appealed the rejection in June 2011. Now my renewal has been rejected because the appeal on my competency certificate is still hanging. Should I appeal the refusal of the renewal again or wait for the appeal of the competency certificate? I tried phoning 012-3536111 several times but never get any reply!

    • admin

      You will have to appeal the renewal of your firearm license but I think it would be better to wait until you receive your competency certificate. Try phoning the firearm helpline after hours, lately is seems that the service is quicker after hours.

  • Elliot

    Hi Admin

    can please send me link of Step by Step

  • ab

    Can you please send me the link for the step by step book

  • Cassie

    Good day

    Can you please send me the link for the step by step book?

  • Vernon Botha

    Hi Admin,
    I have done all my competancies a few years back, I was wating on the outcome of the court case but had to go work out of the country on occation. Please let me know if I can still renew my licenses, 1 handgun & 1 shotgun.
    Thanks for your help.

  • Anlea de Bruin

    Good day,

    I am interested in the book “step by step guide’.

  • Anton van der Westhuizen

    I do not want to loose the guns who can help me with this proses to get the fire arms licenced 30.06 270 and a shotgun

  • Anton van der Westhuizen

    Hi I inhereted 3 fire arms and would like to get licences for all of them what should I do

  • Dirk

    Hi admin
    I applied for a new fire arm license in May 2011. My competency was approved 16 September 2011. I have been phoning the national Firearm call centre and they advised me to phone back in December 2011 as the application is in progress. In December I was advised that the application was currently lying with someone and that I must contact a Colonel Matau. The phone nr 012 353 6065 was given but is always engaged. They then gave me 012 353 6000 for him directly but he keeps on dropping the call.

    Do you know of any other person that would be able to assist me with information why the application is not progressing any further? Any phone nr or email address would be appreciated.



    • admin

      Hi Dirk
      Frustrating exercise trying to get progress on a firearm license application….
      You can try calling the National Firearm Call Center after hours when it is not so busy. but no, unfortunately I can’t help you with a contact person.

  • Arno

    hi admin.
    would just like to find out if you have no criminal records and your not agressive or show signs of depression etc what are the chances of your police competency/licence application being denied?
    i hear license applications are being handled much faster and better than 2-3 years ago. is that true?


    • admin

      I think you have an excellent chance to get a competency certificate. I agree, the firearm licensing process seem to go faster than previously. I also sent you an email.

  • Shane

    Hi there

    I want to purchase a Firearm (Handgun) from my friend.
    But he has lost his firearm license.
    What does he need to to sell me the firearm?

    Thanks for your kind assistance.

    • admin

      Hi Shane
      He can get a computer printout from his local police with his license details. He can also apply for a duplicate of his licence. If he sells you the gun he will have to sign on your application for a firearm license as the current owner. That is all.

  • Wab


    My Grandfather’s pistols’ license expired beginning of December. I am in the process of applying for a license in order to take his pistol over (Competency, Motivation etc completed and handed in). Will he or myself be facing any difficulties as the gun does not have a ‘valid license’ per say?

  • Schalk

    HI manie , im sorry i lost your email adress , please just mail me hello so I can have your email adress again thanx.

  • kyle

    hi Admin,

    I inherited a WW Greener .22 from 1882. i have been told it does not need a license, is that true? the .22 still fires and don’t want to pick up and problems. i was also told they don’t give out licenses for .22 neither and to be honest just heard loads of lies from many people. you assistance will be appreciated.

    • admin

      Hi Kyle
      You will have to get a license. According to the firearm act an ‘antique firearm’ means any muzzle loading firearm manufactured before 1 January 1900, or any replica of such a firearm. It is not true that the police does not give licenses for .22’s. If your motivation is in order (like with any other application) you should not have a problem getting a license.
      I sent you an email

  • Jacob

    Hello Admin, I also missed the cutoff for renewing my firearm license in 2009. What do I do, Please help.

  • Morning

    I have a missed the deadline for firearm licence renewal and I still have the old licence and the firearm against which the old licence was issued. Will I still be allowed to get a new licence for this firearm or I risk to be charged? If it’s not possible to renew the licence then what advise can you give me?

    • admin

      Hi Silas
      I sent you an email explaining your options.

      • admin

        Hi Silas
        Your email server is rejecting my email. Do you perhaps have another email address?

      • David


        I find myself in a similar position to Silas. After the interdict against the minister, I have seen absolutely no update in the media whatsoever, so I have largely forgotten about all of this until now. Could you please contact me with regard to options to renew, dispose etc. I would hate to be on the wrong side of the law without even knowing it.


  • Franklin

    Ek stel belang om aansoek te doen vir vuurwapen lisensie,hoe gaan ek tewerke help my asb.

  • Ike

    Admin, see i am in same position as others. My ‘new’ licenses expire in a few months time. What do i need to do to renew? And what are the potential pitfalls to be careful of? If any. Any advice welcome please?

  • Jan


    I Inherited a Shotgun, but it is older dan 100 years… Is it still necessary to get it licenced, and how do I get it done ?

    • admin

      Hi Jan
      Yes, you still need a license, according to the firearm act an antique firearm’ means any muzzle loading firearm manufactured before 1 January 1900, or any replica of such a firearm. I sent you an email


    Goeie dag

    Ek stel belang in die boek “Step by step guide”

    Jan Lowies

  • Tommy


    My new license which was issued 2007/04/12 is expiring 2012/04/11.
    I work abroad and will only be back in the country after the license expired, please advise in how i can get a renewal. i assume i need to renew my competency as well.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    TM Dixon

  • Terence

    Hello Admin, I missed the cutoff for renewing my revolver license in 2009 (much like many other people) and I understand that we all await the outcome of the court action. However, is there something that I could be doing in parallel? Can I still apply for a renewal in the meantime? Or, should I apply again for a license for my revolver (even though it is already licensed on the old Act)? Final question – can I hand my revolver in at any Police Station if I decide not to keep it?

  • Schalk

    Hey admin I am also sixteen and im just making sure , I want to obtain a license for a .22 rifle only for shooting at a range or as a sport. Is this possible and does the same rule count for me as in Heinrich’s situation? And if you can give me an estimate of what my chance will be of ACTUALLY GETTING the license.

    • admin

      Hi Schalk
      Your situation is basically the same as Heinrich’s. The only way to get a competency certificate and a license when you are under 21 is by getting dedicated status as a hunter or sport shooter. In order to get dedicated status you need to join a accredited shooting club / organisation. They normally have a training course that you need to do to get status as a dedicated sport shooter / hunter. You get a certificate after doing the required training as proof of your “dedicated” status.

      Here is a link to the SAP website were you will find a list of accredited organisations. Just scroll down to accreditation:

  • Heinrich

    Hi there

    I am 16 year old and I want to use a pistol as sport shooting but I want to know what is the age to have a firearm licence and can you have a licence befor 21 as a sport shooter?



    • admin

      Hi Heinrich
      You can, section 9 (5) of the Firearm Control Act states:
      (5) (a) Despite subsection (2) (a), the Registrar may allow a person under the age
      of 21 years to apply for a competency certificate if there are compelling reasons which
      require the person to obtain a competency certificate or licence to possess a firearm.
      (b) Compelling reasons contemplated in paragraph (a) may include the fact that
      the applicant conducts a business, is gainfully employed, a dedicated hunter, a dedicated
      sports person or a private collector.
      So in order to be able to get a competency certificate and a license you need to get dedicated status as a sport shooter.

  • My new revolver licence (2011/07) and competency (2010) has expired (I did not notice) as I renewed in 2005 but only received the cards a year or so ago. How do I go about renewing and what do I need? I am desperate for advice as everyone is telling me a different story

  • Alfred


    where can i get the fire arm lisence application form.

  • adrian

    I have purchased a firearm and have all the paperwork I just need a motivational letter sample can you help

  • Shalendra Persad

    I renewed my licence on the deadline March 2009. Stood for 7 hours in que.
    I have not received any response sice then .

    Must I enquire or just wait for response .

    • admin

      You can call the National Firearms Call Centre +27 12 353 6111 to get progress on your firearm license renewal application. They are also open after hours and sometimes it easier to get help with firearm license queries if you call after hours.

  • Cecil


    Where can I download an SAPD 317(a) form “Aansoek om ‘n verdere bevoegdheidssertifikaat”.


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