Late Applications for Firearm Licenses

It is not possible to do late applications for firearm licenses any more.

If you have failed to renew your old gun licence I strongly advise your to contact me immediately.

You can contact me by completing the form on the left side of the page,  on receipt of your contact details I will immediately contact you to advise and assist you with your firearm licenses.

Please take note that the deadline for the renewal of firearm licences was 31 March 2009 but on 26th June 2009, in the court case between The SA Hunters and Game Conservation Association (SAHGCA) and the Minister of Safety and Security, the Northern Gauteng Division of the High Court granted an interim interdict against the Minister of Safety and Security confirming that firearm licenses which were issued in terms of the “Old” Firearms Act (1969) will be deemed to remain valid until the main application has been finalised. This case is till pending.

This interim interdict means that existing old “green licenses” (issued in terms of the Firearms Act of 1969) will remain valid until finalisation of the main application, and firearm owners cannot be criminally charged for the illegal possession of their firearms licensed under the “old” firearm act.

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