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Firearm Licensing Procedure

I get a lot of questions regarding the firearm licensing procedure, so here are the basics:

  • First of all you will have to do the training required for the competency certificate. This needs to be done at an accredited firearm training facility. It is not a big deal and usually takes 1 to 3 days.
  • Here is a list of firearm training facilities – Training Facilities  (I am not a training provider).
  • The training facility will provide the firearms needed for the training.
  • After you received the training certificate the application for the competency certificate can be done. Please note that the training certificate is not a competency certificate. 
  • You need to apply at the SA Police for a competency certificate (I can help you with your application).
  • Without a competency certificate you can not apply for a firearm license.
  • You need to apply at the SA Police for a firearm license (I can help you with your application).
  • You need to fully motivate your application for a firearm license (I can help you with the motivation for your application).
  • You can hand the application for the competency certificate as well as the application for the new gun license in at the same time, but you can not apply for a license unless you also apply (or previously applied) for a competency certificate (some police stations don’t accept both applications at the same time, they only accept the application for competency and after that is approved they will accept the new application).
  • You need to hand the application in yourself as the police are going to take your finger prints.
  • You can apply for a competency certificate before you buy a firearm but you need to buy / legally obtain a firearm before you can apply for a license as the firearm details and firearm serial number are required on the firearm license application form (I am not a gun dealer).
  • The police will first deal with your application for the competency certificate and after that is approved they will proceed with your gun license application.
  • The firearm dealer or current license holder will have to keep the firearm until you firearm license is approved. You can only legally possess a firearm after your license is approved.

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25 comments to Firearm Licensing Procedure

  • Thulani


    This is my first time to apply for firearm license. Could you please assist me with the quotes for the following:

    1. Firearm license application
    2. Competency certificate application
    3. Motivation letter

    Your assistance in this regard is highly appreciated.

    Regards T

  • Nico


    I have a buyer for my firearm, what forms need to be filled and submitted by both myself and the buyer? I know a 271 should be submitted, but is that all? Will the cancel my license if the transfer is through or should I apply for that as well?


  • Cliff

    Hi. I’m supposed to inherit my late father’s firearm and would like to start with the process of applying for a license. Do we keep the firearm in our possession or what. How easy is it to obtain a license in this case?

  • Jeremy

    Hi there,
    I hope you can help. I have a few questions regarding applying for a new firearm licence, but firstly, some history.

    I legally owned a firearm which was stolen off my person in December 2005. I declared it at the police station the next day and completed a form for negligence. I have heard nothing since.
    I would like to know;

    1. Will this prevent me form applying for a new firearm? Since I have heard nothing, I do not want to open a can of worms all over again.
    2. What should my next step be?

    Look forward to hearing from you.


  • vinesh

    I have done my competency training in July 2011 and haven’t applied for my competency certificate yet. Will the delay in applying for my competency certificate pose a problem as i now wish to apply for it and also apply for my firearm license.

  • Chris

    Can you assist, I’m the new appointed manager of a game Farm. The Owner resides in the UK, but the farm is owned by a Closed Corp, of which I’m the manager and full proxy of the owner. The cc is a SA registered businesss. We recently bought a shotgun, and two hunting rifles for the company. Could you assist with these applications?

  • Juan

    Hi Admin

    PLease get in contact with me. Training done, guns ready, busy with applications…Need your assistance please.


  • ryan

    Hi there

    I am starting a new job at the end of the year doing antipoaching and security. I have more than enough motivation and character references. I have a weopon lined up….How long do you think it will take for the licence to go threw?

  • pesta

    Hi I received a message which says my firearm licence has been finalised,what does it means when they say is finalised?if is approved it means its on a card or in printout?plz help me

  • pesta

    Hi there I went to SAPS to check my licence application they told me that it is in the fingerprint in pretoria,after the fingerprint process where to and how long will it take to be decided from now on

    • go247

      Hi Pesta

      Maybe another week to three weeks, difficult to say as it is an administrative process handled by individuals

      I tried emailing you but your email address does not exist / is not working.



  • wayne

    hi there,

    would like to find out, what if the firearm license is approved only after years and the gunsmith has resold the gun to another person? how would one possess a firearm with a valid license where the gun applied under is now owned by another?

  • Ashley

    hi could you please quote me on application of competency certificate the application for firearm liscnce and the motivation letter



  • Petri


    Could you please quote me on application of competency certificate, application for firearm licence and motivation for the application.


  • Arno


    I wonder if you can please assist me. I have never applied for a license before, I am 26 years of age.

    Can you please email me the steps I need to follow in obtaining my license pleae?


  • Rouan


    I got a .303 rifle as a gift. But the person’s green card firearm license expired as well. Does he first have to renew his license again before I can apply for the .303 rifle, or can I just work on all the procedures as is.



  • denzel

    Could you please send me a qoutation for motivation…

  • Juan

    Could you please quote me on application of competency certificate, application for firearm licence and motivation for the application.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated,



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