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As clients require different services regarding their firearm licenses it is not possible to provide set fees for helping you with your firearm license applications and motivations for firearm licenses (or other services as required).  

I will however provide you with a written quotation soon as I have the details of the firearm license services that you require.

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  • Good day, I don’t own my own Hunting rifle but planning to get one. In the meantime once I have my competency certificate can I borrow a rifle from a friend with a letter stating that he borrowed me the rifle or is that not allowed any more. Will gun shops allow me to put down a deposit on a rifle and only collect it once it is paid for.


  • Craig

    hi there

    I need your help with the motivation letter for a license for a hand Gun for self defence please advise what the cost of this would be?


  • marco

    Hi admin I would like to know how long do you wait for your competency certificat at the DFO to collect it pls inbox me

  • white

    hi admin

    i am an 30 years lod man and a growing farmer. I did aplied for a 308 raffle gun around 2008 and it was declined but I never apealed. I now want to make a new licence again. but i dont know how to write the motivation. can you please help me to write the correct motivation. you can inbox that to my email

  • Carl


    I got a sms to say that my gun lic wa approved. It is not yet at the DFO. How longfrom approved till you can collect.

  • Sundesh

    I am a businessman. I travel a lot and always have large sums of cash with me. I need a firearm for self defense. Would you be able to assist with a firearm license application based on the above.

  • josh

    Hello there I am a 19 year old male ,I have got a dedicated status for hand gun ,and my competency has been approved ,if I apply for my license will they approve it!

  • pesta

    Hi admin thanks for your help and your time.I got a message which says my licence is finalised is that means I’m approved to have it?if so just cause I’m not arround I want to know how can I collect it and it is with the card or not cause I don’t understand the message well

  • pesta

    Hi is true that I can get my licence approved but for myself to get a licence card took another three months to be issued,if so why this long time cause they won’t give me a gun with a printout,pls help me

    • admin

      Hi Pesta

      You should take this up with the SAP, as I previously replied it is difficult to answer you as it is an administrative process handled by individuals



  • Keagan


    From what I understand from previous posts one has to have a competency cert. in order to buy a firearm but not necessarily a license. Is this correct?

    Would me being a farmer be a good enough motivation? Would you say this can aid me in the licensing process?


  • pesta

    Hi I posted a comment I’m waiting for an answer pls

    • go247

      Hi Pesta

      Maybe another week to three weeks, difficult to say as it is an administrative process handled by individuals

      I tried emailing you but your email address does not exist / is not working.



  • pesta

    Hi admin I went to SAPS to check my licence application,they told me that it is in the fingerprint dept ,I want to know where to after the fingerprint and how lont it will take to be decided from now on

  • pesta

    Hi admin I posted some comment on the tenth of october it hasn’t been replied yet pls help,I want to know that as I bought a gun before I got my license if my licence doent approved are they going to refund my R6000 for a gun and my R900 for the application?because they told me that I must first buy a gun before u apply for a licence pls help me

    • admin

      I’m really not in the position to answer this questions, you should ask this to the dealer who sold you the firearm and the guy who helped you with your application, but the information is correct, you need to buy a gun before you can apply for a license.

  • Emile

    I just want to find out is it possible to collect my license card at the firearms head office as the office were I applied has not done so for to weeks now and this makes me very concerned.

  • pesta

    I think I’m getting more help thanks admim,ok I want to know before I applied a firearm they told me that I must first buy a gun before applying so I did a paid a full amount for a gun and then I went to the legally armed people for an application so I paid an amount of R6000 for a gun and a R900 for an application the total was R6900,what I want to know is if happened for my application to be denied will they bring back my money?

  • pesta

    Tell me as I am a business man(computer technician/interrnet cafe’) I had a firearm robbery twice and I reported to police station,since I am a victim of this situations is there any promising that my firearm can be approved?

  • pesta

    Hi admin I want to heare from your experience,do u think I can get my licence less than a month or a months if they process my application? What is the requirements which can speed up my application

  • Donovan Hurn

    Hi there. Id like to get a new firearm licence, but don’t really have a reason why, other than self defense. I travel a lot at night for work and in deserted areas. Can you help me? I would like to know all the procedures to go through in obtaining a licence.

    Thank you

  • Hano

    Hi My father recently passed away and i inherited about 15 weapons from him i have already done my competancy and would like to find out how i need to proceed to get these weapons on my name. I have also done my chasa exam and i am in the process of joining my old hunting club and applying for dedicated hunter status. How long will it take for me to get these firearms on my name?

  • pesta

    Hi I just received my competency and I applied for a license,I want to know if there is a possibility for my license to be approved quickly as I am a business man and I’m always cought into an armed robbery for my belongings including the business assets.what can I do to speed it up?

  • Netta

    Hi, is a firearm lisence in a green I’d still valid?

  • Tim

    Good day

    I got my hang gun competency certificate and would like to get my fire arm licenses sorted out now. i would like to get a glock 19 Gen 3 or 4 i think. i don’t want to feel so helpless any more when i go out with my family and when we are at home i would like to protect my self when i go to sites in the bushes or in dangerous locations.
    Im 29 years white male in Pretoria.

    Advice and pricing to get it done ASAP please. i got your details from a friend of mine.


  • Enhle

    Hi there. Id like to get a new firearm licence, but don’t really have a reason why, but just that i like guns. Can you help me?

  • Keith McMillan

    I need your help with the motivation for a license for a firearm for self defence please.

  • Emeul

    Hi there, I want to apply for a firearm, for the farm, can you please help me with the process, and what will i need, and can you help me with the licence of the firearm. i want to get a glock. i really dont know what the procedure is

    Thank you….

  • zane

    hi. my house has just been burgled for the second time this week. how can i get a firearm and licence for it fast and what will the cost be?

  • riaan

    Hi, I would like to get a desert eagle .50cal but already own a glock 9mm. Would you be able to assist with an import permit and ultimately license? Thanks

  • NICK

    I am very interested in obtaining a gun license. I’m 24 and I am very keen to learn though. Your help and guidance will be much appreciated, thanx.

  • Zoe

    I am very interested in obtaining a gun license. I do not know anything about guns, how to use them or the legal age of obtaining one’s license. I am very keen to learn though. Your help and guidance will be much appreciated, thanx.

  • isi


    I inhertited a firearm over 7 years ago from a family member who left for overseas. the gun was stored at a gun store for me (still in my uncles name). i am now ready for applying. the problem is that my uncle has lost his original old license. when applying for the firearm, i need to attach his ID plus firearm license. what can I do as I cant get a copy of his firearm license from him?


  • mohamed

    I phoned the CFR today they say my competency is approved on the 2nd of March,I’m not sure when I
    Can collect it from Randburg dfo,also how long will the firearm License take to approve?

  • Viv23

    My husband has a fire arm competency certificate which he did in 2004 and he never went to the police station process,can he take the certificate to the police station

    • admin

      I take it that he now wants to apply for a competency certificate. If he did the training at an accredited training facility the SAP should not have a problem with the certificate.

  • Francois

    Hi There, I have done my training and now need to apply for competency and a new license. I want to make sure I do everything right though, do you guys assist in this? Also, I did the training last year and I have left this for almost a year now, is that still fine?

    Thanks you!

  • André van Coller


    My firearm (hand+rifle) licenses were rejected. I did sent a 50 page appeal (compiled by a attorney) back to the appeal board but it is still not registered on the system that they received it… What would you suggest I must do and can you maybe assist? I have my firearm competency card.

  • Anthony

    Hi There, i have completed my training course and need to apply for my competency, after this i will need to apply for my firearm license, how quickly can i get this whole process done? I dont really feel like waiting for 8 months and have the risk of being declined and waiting for another 4 months.

    • admin

      Licenses take currently between 6 months to a year to get approved.

      Normally applicants hand in the competency application as well as the application for the new license in at the same time (but the SAP first do the competency and only attend to the license application after the competency is approved).

      If you have a good motivation there is no reason why your application should be declined.

  • sean warnick

    how much does it cost all together to get a new license?

  • Regan

    The license (still in my I.D book) is dated 1992 and I was to have renewed my license in Sept. last year (2011). I have my competency certificate and now need to have this renewed although the time frame has expired. Can I still renew? What is the procedure and can you guys assist?

    • admin

      You can’t renew your license any more. If your license is dated 1992 you had to renew your license between 2005 and 2008.

      Due to the current pending legal action you are still legally in possession of your firearm. According to an interim judgement in this case the current firearm licenses issued under the “old” firearm act are still valid. However the final outcome of the case can obviously change this with immediate effect!

      I sent you an email regarding the options.

  • Robert Cross

    Hi there, we would like to apply for a handgun and shotgun license. Already have a competency certificate. Do we have to belong to some sort of club / association as part of the motivation for the shotgun? What else do we need to know. How do i download the e-book?

    • admin

      Hi Robert, if you are interested in the ebook you can complete the form on the left side of the page and you will receive an email with the required details.

  • gareth

    Do you do business (security) firearm applications?
    I am awaiting competency certificate – should be here soon – and have already complied a motivation. Just need someone to go through it, adjust what has to be done and fill in all the paper work for me?
    I have prebooked 4 handguns as well ..
    Let me know if you can assist?

  • I need help with a new firearm licence application. I have a my competency certificate

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