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Table of Contents Firearm License Ebook

Table of Contents 1 Firearm License Ebook




Table of Contents 2 Firearm License Ebook




Table of Contents 3 Firearm License Ebook

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7 comments to Table of Contents Firearm License Ebook

  • Desi

    Hi There,

    Just wanted to find out if I am eligible for a gun license at all. I am not SA citizen and have an intra company transfer visa with status of temporary resinence permit for 2 years. Can I apply for a license at all??
    I will be definitely extending my visa status to work permit which is 5 for additional 5 years and etc.
    I would also think that sex shouldnt matter and me being lady will struggle more with obtaining this license(self defence)?

    Thanks a lot

  • Sean

    My firearm licence has been misplaced / lost. How do I get a duplicate of my licence?

    Thanks in advance,

  • allen hatingh

    want guidence for motivation hunting rifle licence. handed mine in 5 years ago ( was ) stupid

  • Michael Tem Tem

    Hi i am actually about to go hand in all my pappers at the Police station for my firearm license. I have done competancy etc… And just finished my Motivation, Installed the safe etc… can you please send me the E-Book so i can see if there is anything iv done wrong. And any advise. thanks

    • admin

      Hi Michael, the ebook is going on sale in a couple of days. Sale price is R 95-00 (current price R200-00), just drop me an email if you want to buy it.

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