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25 % Year End Discount On Your Firearm License Application and Motivation

For only R600.00 we will prepare your application and motivation for your new firearm license   
(our usual fee is R800.00)
This offer includes applications for renewal of licenses as well as appeals
The fee for additional applications is R500.00 per firearm
How To Claim Your 25% discount
New Clients
Pay a R400.00 deposit before or on 5 January 2015Current Clients

Just email me, request a final invoice and pay the balance before or on 5 January 2015
Please use your initials and surname as reference when making a payment.
Proof of payment can be sent to
Bank – First National Bank Potchefstroom
Account Name – Go-247 Marketing (K2014131772)
Account Number – 62482986977
Account Type – Business Account
Branch code – 250655
Please download the “Information Needed” form from our website.
This document shows you exactly what information and supporting documents we need to prepare your application and motivation. Please email the completed form and relevant documents to me.
Please contact me if you have any questions.
Manie Esterhuizen
084 593 4672
018 294 3553

Your Firearm License Motivation – The Options

Firearm License Motivation – To make our firearm licensing services more accessible to our clients we now offer the following options:

Our Full Service @ R800.00

What you get – We prepare all your documentation, that is your application for competency with attachments as well as you application for new license(s) and motivation. Our motivations are usually between 25 to 50 pages (including supporting documents).

(R800.00 for the first application and then R500.00 for every consecutive application)

The DIY Solution @ R 95.00

What you get – Our downloadable 130 page “Firearm Licensing Guide” in eBook format. Free advice is also provided if required.

Firearm License Motivation

Price reduced on our firearm license ebook

Price reduced on our firearm license ebook.

Today is the day for discounts, I first reduced our fee for doing firearm applications and motivations  by more than 35%.

Now I’m also reducing the price of my firearm licensing guide from R95-00 to R 65-00.

I first reduced the price of the firearm license ebook when front page of  topped 100 000 views. The views recently topped 200 000 and to “celebrate” this I decided to once again reduced the price of the ebook.

firearm license ebook on sale

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Discount on Firearm License Applications

Discount on Firearm License Applications.

I decided to drastically cut our prices on firearm applications.

The reason for this is the fact that many of our clients want to make use of our services but can’t due to financial restrains.

So for an yet undetermined period our fee for a new application, firearm license appeal or a renewal of a license is reduced to R950-00. This is a discount of more than 35% on our normal price.

Firearm License Discount


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Firearm Licencing Guide Selling For Only R95-00

A big thank you to all visitors to! Since November 2011 the front page of the website were viewed more than 100 000 times!

To celebrate this we are selling our firearm license guide for only R95-00 , less than half of our normal price of R200-00.

This guide includes all the information you need to do a successful application.

You can buy the guide via electronic funds transfer. Please submit your name and email through the form on the left side of this page and I will immediately email you the bank details.

Please use your initials and surname as reference when making a payment and sent your proof of payment to or by sms to 084 593 4672. Immediately after your proof of payment is received you will be sent an email with your password and the download details.

The purpose of this guide is to provide step by step instructions on how to easily do successful applications for a competency certificate and a new firearm license.

Several examples are included and the guide shows you:

  • Exactly how to complete the forms and how to do the motivation
  • What information is required in the motivation
  • The supplementary documents and information that should be added to your 
  • application
  • Where to get this information
  • The most common reasons why licenses applications are declined 
  • The relevant sections of the new firearm act

You can view the Table of Contents via this link.

The guide also includes real life examples, check lists for doing applications and a full resource list including all the relevant official SA Police Competency and Firearm License Application forms in .pdf as well as in .doc format.

If you use this guide you will know exactly what to do and how to do it.

If you need advice with your application after purchasing this guide I will help you free of charge, just email me on or call me during office hours on 084 593 4672.

I am also offering you a full money back guarantee. If you feel that the guide does not live up to the claims made I will immediately refund your money.

 Feel free to leave a comment or ask a question. It will be answered as soon as possible via email.