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14 comments to Thank You

  • Divan

    Goeie middag

    Ek sal baie graag van julle dienste will gebruik maak ek sal graag n 9 mm will koop en miskien n hael geweer. Ek will net graag uitvind hoe lank vat die proses om jou lisensie te kry.

    Baie Dankie


  • willie

    Middag wil aansoek doen vir n.22 lever action geweerkie ma kort goeie motiveering ssl jy kan help asb

  • Francois (Jakes)

    Hi. My name is Jakes. I Want To Apply For A new Firearm License And I am Asking Fot Some Guidelines Asto Whers To Start. I Stay In TOTI and If Anyone Can Help? Please shiw me the correct direction.

    Thank you.

  • Lizell Alberts

    Hi, I’m a 28 year old female and would like to obtain a handgun for the safety of my family. Is it going to be more difficult for me as a female to obtain a gun licence and what can I do to prepare for the practical test because I have not used a gun before. Thank You for this website. Hope you can help me.

  • adrian

    hi I would like to apply for a new firearm licence,
    your assistance would be greatly appreciated

  • victor

    fiream istructor course

  • Hi
    with the new laws about owning a legal firearm it is almost impossible to own a fire arm is this true .i would like to apply for a gun license for safety of my family .how can i go about applying for this i am 29 years of age

  • Nigel

    Good day

    if you have a guh lincence and you move out of south africa will your lincence expire if in another contoury

  • Peter John Mostert

    Hi. I am wondering, my grandfather passed and had a 9mm he gave to my grandmother, she went for her license and got it and now its a problem for her to renew the license every year, and I really want the firearm of it being so long in the family. Because his father gave it to him when he left the house. Is it possible if I can get the firearm on my name? I am a South African citizen, 20 years of age.

    • admin

      Hi Peter
      Unless you have dedicated status as a hunter or sport shooter you need to be 21 years old before you can get a competency certificate and a license.

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