Firearm-license.co.za provides a service with regards to applications for firearm licenses under the new Firearms Control Act (2000).

We provide the following services to the public and business entities:

  • Applications for new firearm licences
  • Application for firearm competency certificates
  • Renewal of  firearm licences and business licences
  • Application for renewal of competency certificates
  • Appeals on refusal of firearm licences
  • Application for business accreditation for firearm licensing purposes

You can get an immediate quotation by completing and submitting the


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If you want to do your firearm license application yourself, but need a bit guidance or a couple of examples, my 130 page guide, Get Your Firearm License, A Step By Step Guide, will take you through the process and help you to complete a successful application. This  guide is downloadable  in pdf format.

Here is a link to the table of contents of the guide.

If you want more information regarding the guide, or if you want to buy the guide, you can do it via the form directly to the left of this  post. When you submit your contact details  you will immediately receive an email with more information and the relevant bank details. Currently I only accept payment via electronic bank transfer. After receipt of your proof of payment you will receive an email with your password and download link.


Under no circumstances can I guarantee that your application will be successful, but I can guarantee that the application which I  complete for you will be of the highest standard. It will be neatly typed and properly motivated. All that you need to do is to hand it in at your nearest police station. I will also provide you with a list of all the steps that you need to follow at the police station.

 Feel free to leave a comment or ask a question. It will be answered as soon as possible via email.